Keynote Speeches

Please take a look at the abstracts below for more information on our keynote speeches:

Who gets to be British? Gender and race at the borders of citizenship

Dr. Bridget Byrne

This paper will critically engage with the concepts of intersectionality and multiple identities. It will ask what are the gains and potential pitfalls in a language of intersectionality and multiple identities. Considering the production of whiteness, of citizens and non-citizens in Britain, the paper will explore how we can track the play of gender, race and class in relations of power around questions of citizenship. How can we trouble citizenship through an exploration of gendered and racialised exclusions?

Multiple Axis of Power: articulations of diaspora and intersectionality

Professor Avtar Brah

Theories and politics of Diaspora and Intersectionality have a great deal in common, but scholars working in these fields rarely bring them together. This presentation will be an attempt to think the two in and through each other. It provides an overview of the key issues and debates in the field. There will be a discussion of how difference is to be theorised so that diasporicity and intersectionality can be understood as an articulated field. Together, the articulations signal the production of new discourses and politics.


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